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Communicating political narratives since more than 23 years


Niksun Political Media is an unprecedented political media strategist in India. With expertise in revolutionising the political advertising scenario since more than two decades now, NPM has been a kingmaker and a key game-changer in political advertising. We create thought-provoking content out of our strong research and understanding the pulse of the region. We deal with critical deadlines of important counter communications and help our clients with faster delivery and control while maintaining absolute confidentiality.

In our political campaigns, we put people at its heart, which is exactly why our campaigns reach the hearts and homes of our targeted voter groups. With more than 23 years of experience, NPM excels in designing political campaigns. Our core service is to offer a well-built communication strategy consultation for political campaigns. Having worked extensively on election campaigns with some of the leading national and state-level political parties in India; We have coined some widely popular slogans and have executed 360° party manifesto based campaigns in the political advertising segment. In 2019, we proudly carried out the Loksabha election campaigns gracefully across 23 states in India in numerous regional languages.


We have been designing and delivering lucrative campaigns for state-level elections since 1999 which worked as the greatest incentive for the groupuscule.


Our Expertise

Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

A thought is all it takes to find a vision. A vision is all it takes to make an impact and A strategy is all it takes to give the impact to that vision and that is exactly what we do. At NPM, we offer a wide range of services followed by data-driven research that helps the political groups build an identity which makes them stand apart from the masses. We do not believe in settling for less, and hence we not only deliver the right quality but we also deliver apt quantities. At NPM, we have a strong research arm that gives us an edge over average players in the market to create exhilarating, complex yet simple and engaging strategies for campaigns. 


Putting people in the heart of it, we offer every necessary service there is to build a political brand and generate engagement through its campaigns.



We put people and their opinions at the core of our research process in order to strengthen and craft perfect strategies for campaigns. Using innovative technologies along with on-ground opinions and mood of the voter base by an accomplished team, we derive the key performance indicators imperative to a campaign.



Consultancy and advocacy are key to devise path-breaking strategies that help form a streamlined narrative for consistent and clear communication. At NPM, our strategies are formed based on strong on-ground research, identifying the pulse of voters, the vision of the political entity and communication required to translate the same into effective and appealing collaterals.



Content is the bridge between translating vision and narrative into tangible outputs. 

Our adroit content curators come up with the best ideas and impactful words to get the most out of the campaigns with catchy one-liners, theme songs, radio jingles, television commercials, quirky digital content and visual merchandising.



Media is a significant other of advertising agencies. NPM believes in a proportionate and strategic amalgamation of traditional and digital media platforms to make sure that the campaign reaches each and every voter.  

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Data and analytics are one of the key performance indicators for devising strategies, designing campaigns and distributing content. Latest and innovative technologies help us deliver the same with utmost precision and optimum utilization of resources. We methodically evaluate and analyse the reach and success of our campaign deploying the latest tech to understand the digital behavioural patterns.


Our Driving Force

Team Behind the Scenes

We are a passionate team of creative thinkers striving to translate the vision of the political entity to the language people comprehend. We have an extremely professional approach while delivering communication strategies that work in the aggressive battleground for public mindset. At NPM, We take the opinion of the people into consideration and leaders’ contrived derivations before developing the campaign. 


We have our presence pan India which makes it easy and efficient for us to recognise and translate the pulse of the people into our campaigns. Our state of the art production house with efficient creative and technical team enables us to transfer the creative ideation into film craft and design dimensions with utmost accuracy and empathy for the audience. Our research and the creative team ensure faster delivery of the deadline bound counter communication is conveyed to the targeted audience.

Our Process

Committed to Excellence


Our team believes in knowing a political group, it's leader, it's positioning, objectives and track records inside out before jumping onto creating new content or strategy for them. To accomplish that, we have a set of skilled researchers that get in-depth of every angle of the story. We collect data from various platforms and resources, we put together information regarding political parties, their previous campaigns and their objectives for the upcoming campaign. Our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ground research by collecting information and testimonials from the public. We also include PR, News and other media outlets to gather all significant information to craft out the most well suited strategies, impactful campaigns, unique themes and even theme songs that stay with the audience.


Latest Work

View some of our recent work

Over the years we have created campaigns for more than 13 elections and have produced 

More than 400 TV ADS 

More than 30 theme songs

More than 315 radio spots

More than 50 press ads

In more than 15 languages

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